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If you like pictures, then you’ll love Mat’s style and approach to photography. 

Enjoy a fun and relaxed photo session while Mat captures the moment. Taking the photographs is just the first step. You’ll be thrilled when you see what Mat can do to turn the picture into a true work of art by combining his years of graphic design experience with his natural artistic talents.

All photography sessions are done in the convenience of your home or at a location of your choosing.

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Fall Foliage

My favorite time of year

I love fall. Really love it. The colors are so rich and vibrant. Everything looks interesting, even the dead and dying leaves. Days are crisp and clear. It's a photographer's dream. I had a really great evening portrait session planned with a local Denville family. The sun was gearing up to do a brilliant fire dance on the trees, when boom, out come the clouds. Anyway, you gotta take what you can get, so we had a blast with the leaves all the same.

Outdoor family portraits in the fall in Denville, NJ, by photographer Mat Robinson

Outdoor childrens candid photography in the fall - Denville, New Jersey

Outdoor childrens photographer - Denville, New Jersey

Outdoor childrens photographer - Denville, New Jersey

Outdoor childrens photographer - Denville, New Jersey



Denville Blue Angels

The end of a great football season

My son just finished his first season of flag football, and being a proud parent and photographer I just couldn't resist giving him the bad boy treatment and created his very own hall of fame football portrait.

Football photographer - Denville, New Jersey


Gymnastics Photography

Blink and you've missed it

I got the opportunity to photograph some local gymnasts in action this week. It never fails to amaze me what these kids are capable of doing. That's coming from one of the least flexible people on the planet, but these ladies are so dedicated to their sport that they're putting in 30+ hours a week. And it shows.

After photographing dancers for many years, I've got fairly good at prediting the motion and capturing it just at the right moment. This actually turned into a great opportunity for them to see their technique and do some real time fine tuning. See the video below to get a quick peek at some of the fun.

Gymnastics Photographer - Boonton, NJ

Gymnastics photographer - Bonton, New Jersey


Candid Kids

Let them be themselves

Kids have so much personality. If they want to be rock-stars, let them be rock-stars. Did a fun candid photoshoot with these two chaps and had a riot. So much energy, so hey Mom and Dad, lets just run with the energy for a while and see what we come up with. We can do serious portraits once they've burned off a few calories.

Childrens, candid kids photographer - rock and roll session

Candid kids photographer - rock n roll


Milky Way

I haven't seen this for a long time

I guess living in the suburbs you get used to that faint but always present orange glow in the sky. But not that far away at my brother-in-laws house in New Paltz, NY, we had the most fabulous cloudless sky, clear atmosphere and no moon. Stepping outside was like stepping into a dark cave full of glow worms. Anyway, this was a perfect opportunity to do some star gazing and star photography. Tripod and slow shutter at the ready.

Milky way star photography

Wish I'd had a super wide angle lens with me. The exposure is so long that the windows that look as though it's being lit by a regular incandescent bulb was actually just a 15 watt night light plugged into the wall.

What's even more amazing is that just a few hours earlier in the same place, I was able to photograph this really dramatic sky. My how the weather can change. this picture looks a little dinky here, but the wall portrait shows so much detail. The farm, the sky. It's wonderful. One of those times when I'm glad I do what I do.

New Paltz, NY, farm photograph with dramatic sky.



Senior Portrait

My father-in-law turns 80

It's not very often my father-in-law will let me grab him for a couple of photographs. He's very shy and retiring, but on this special occasion, and with more than a little help from my wife, I was able to coax him into the limelight for a portrait of him in front of his 200 year old barn. Of course the surprise party we threw for him was probably more limelight than he could handle.

Family portrait photographer, senior portrait

Family portrait photographer, senior portraits



Beach Fun

Some sandy beach photography

I wasn't expecting to manage to get to the beach this weekend, but hurricane Earl obliged by fizzling out long before hitting the Long Island coastline. Took some wonderful sunset photographs of my boys messing about in the surf. Of course they weren't wearing appropriate swim gear but that didn't stop them :)

Beach photographs - portraits on the beach

Childrens portraits beach - family beach portraits

Childrens beach portrait - family beach portraits

Childrens beach portraits - family beach portraits


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