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Why retouching is important

"The retouching on my pics was amazing. All the detail but no pimples. Mat and Christine, thanks!"

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Whether you're in business and need a great headshot to attract customers, an aspiring actor looking to land that big role, a model in need of some pizazz in your portfolio or just an everyday person on the street, it's my job to make sure I capture the real you in a style that reflects the emotion you want to convey. In essence, give people a glimpse into who you are as a person. Who they'll be doing business with. Who they'll be casting as the leading man/woman. And really make you stand out from the crowd.

Your headshot has a purpose.
Mat will make sure it lives up to expectations!



Church Livestream Production Setup

See our phased installation of a livestream setup for a local church. Including multiple remote controlled cameras, professional audio mixing, stage lighting and more. How to's and shopping list coming soon.

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Mrs. NJ America

Pageant portraits

A big congratulations to Jennifer on her Mrs. NJ America pageant win. Just two more steps to Mrs. America and then Mrs. Universe. You go girl! We're all rooting for you.


Mrs. Sussex County

Pageant portraits

One thing about our studio is that having lots of space allows us to photograph in a lot of different styles and settings very quickly and easily. As was the case with the current Mrs. Sussex, NJ, who is headed for the Mrs. NJ Pageant later this year. With a tight deadline and a list of specific shots, we were able to put together a great modeling portfolio for her in just a few short hours.

Good luck in May in Atlantic City.


Name Dropping

Miss. Africa U.S.A.

Don't like to brag, but I recently got the chance to work with Nyasha Zimucha who is the 2009 Miss Africa USA Queen. When it comes to modeling, she is a natural. Modeling is more about personality and enthusiasm than it is looks. Knowing how to move, how to create spontaneous facial expressions, how to make it look like someone just told the funniest joke ever is what sets a great model apart from the rest. Nyasha is not only incredibly beautiful but she also has an amazing talent to make changing her face look natural and easy. Constantly working and constantly reacting to the camera.

It was a real pleasure. Thanks Nyasha.

You can check out Nyasha's website here -

Model Winner

Congratulations to one of our models

We were really excited to learn that our favorite child model had a great run of modeling success this past few months. She won first place at the "East Coast Starz" child modeling competition in East Hanover this fall as well as a back cover of "Child Model Magazine" in January. Our creative Photoshop work also won her child model of the day for "Child Model Magazine" in the same week. Way to go Miss. S.

Click here for more images

East Coast Stars, first place winner in East Hanover, NJ

Child Model Magazine - Picture of the day


High Fashion Holiday Portraits

Nothing wrong with some stylish fashion portraits to make your holiday cards stand out

I've been photographing this little girl for quite a few years now, and it still amazes me how natural she is in front of the camera. That's why each year we drive her mother nuts by getting so many really great shots. The secret behind these great shots is to just have fun. As simple as that.

High Fashion photographer - Northern NJ

Fashion photography studio - Morris County, NJ

Fashion photographer - Denville, NJ

Childrens model photographer, NJ


Happy Halloween


Thanks to everyone that dropped by the studio today trick or treating. Muuuhhaaaaaaaaa. Stay dry tonight.

Click here for more spooky images


Happy Birthday

Employee of the month

Not only is Christine the love of my life, but it's her birthday today. And on top of that, she won employee of the month this month for her awesome customer service. Rock on Mrs. R.

Personal portraits - cool photography studio - amazing retouching


Edgy Portraits

Something a little different

Over the summer we ran a personal portrait series to celebrate Denville's centennial. The session was perfect for one local resident who wanted to do some old world Hollywood style portraits to show off her new dress.

Click here to view more images from this cool personal portrait session

Edgy personal portraits - edgy headshots


Children's Modeling Portfolios

New Jersey model with New York model attitude :)

So whilst it's true that children don't need professional modeling portfolios or professional headshots, there is definitely something to be said for cute children with cute model poses.

Here's a little girl who really knows how to work it for the runway :)

Click here for more images from this fun modeling session

Childrens modeling portfolio images and professional headshots

Childrens modeling portfolio images and professional headshots


Edgy Business Portrait

Cool portrait for a cool guy

When it comes to business portraits, they all tend to start to look the same after a while. A bit like school portraits for grown ups. So when I was asked to do something with a bit more punch that would stand out and really get this guy noticed..........well that's exactly what we did.

Edgy business headshot


Outdoor Children's Portraits

Fun at the farm

I love outdoor portraits and being at our local farm only adds to the experience with all the really cool backdrops that the location has to offer.

Click here for more images from this childrens portrait session

Outdoor childrens portraits - NJ

Outdoor childrens portraits - Denville, NJ

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