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Actor Headshots

Playing the part - selling the vision

Actor headshots require a special quality to them. They need to convey a strong sense of your personality. Be warm, friendly and inviting. But they also need to capture the viewer and encourage them to give it a second look. Great personal headshots very rarely make great actor headshots. An actor headshot needs to make the casting director pause for a moment. Intriguing might be the word.

On the other hand, actors need headshots for specific roles. Again, the aim is to stand out. Whilst your generic actor headshot is a great first introduction, a character headshot should show your acting ability by imitating the role you want to play. Dramatic lighting, stern faces and imposing stature for your leading man/woman role. Soft moody lighting for your teenage love interest. Either way, get the wardrobe right, get the facial expression and posture right, get the mood lighting right and you've got the interest of the casting director.

Model Headshots and Model Portfolios

Strike a pose and get noticed

The modeling industry has changed so much over the years, with more and more modeling opportunities than ever before. But with the added opportunities comes much more competition. Being good looking isn't enough these days. You need to have personality, you need to have drive and you need to specialize in order to stand out.

If you're new to modeling, we offer an inexpensive coaching session that will give you all the information you need to get started in a modeling career as well as some practical time in front of the camera.

Beginner models benefit from a more relaxed environment, coaching and guidance throughout the process from planning and wardrobe, the shoot itself and final image selection. Use Mat's experience and patience to learn the skills needed as a model.

Experienced models can take advantage of our spacious studio, sets and backgrounds as well as the many great locations in the area. Why travel to NYC for a modeling portfolio when you can have a better all around expeience closer to home and save money in the process.

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