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Why retouching is important

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Headshot Retouching Samples

Retouching for impact not to look fake

It's important to look your best and present the right impresseion for your business. Just like there are many different ways to light a headshot, so many emotions that can be revealed in a face, there are just as many ways to retouch a headshot. There isn't a "one tool fits all" approach to retouching. Actors require subtle and realistic retouching. Models can get unrealistic silky smooth skin. Business people need to look healthy and well but not fake.

Our typical retouching removes flyaway hairs, softens hot spots on skin, removes transient skin blemishes, lessens those sleepless nights and adds a sparkle to the eyes. We want people to say, "WOW, you look great" not, "Ooooo, that looks Photoshopped". Of course we can do less retouching or more retouching at your request.

All our retouching is done to a level that's required for the project. We add salt to taste as it were.

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Headshot Retouching example


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